Getting brand-new carpet in your home can be an exciting time! You may be excited to show off your new flooring to family and friends, but always be sure to provide the right maintenance and care to your carpeting. There are just some things you should not do when it comes to new carpeting! Here are a few things to be wary of:

Don’t Assume Your Carpet Will Stay Clean For Awhile

New carpet may seem to be clean and not need the proper cleaning regimen, but this is not the case! Even if you have new carpeting, it is recommended that you continue with the usual cleaning upkeep to ensure dirt and grime is not settled onto the carpet for a long time. Make sure to vacuum your carpet twice a week.

Don’t Place Furniture On New Carpeting Right Away

Right after carpeting is installed, you may already be planning out the layout of the furniture and wanting to bring the vision to life quickly. It is important that carpet is given at least 24 hours to fully glue and fix to the floor. So don’t place that furniture any earlier than this time period, because doing so may actually end up pulling and ruining your carpet!

Don’t Leave This New Carpet At The Mercy Of Your Pet

We may want the whole household to enjoy new carpet, but be cautious of your pets! Make sure to keep an eye out on your furry friends, as accidents do occur. In the case of a urine stain on your new carpet, it is essential you act fast and clean up the stain as soon as possible. Also, make sure to trim your pet’s nails to ensure the carpet material does not get pulled and unraveled.

Don’t Keep Your Shoes On While Walking Over New Carpet

If you’ve just gotten new carpeting, the last thing you want to do is get it dirty right away! Walking with shoes on over new carpet can cause dirt to stick to the carpeting, not to mention staining. If you have guests over or you are hanging out at home, we recommend you take your shoes off when walking over your brand-new carpeting. You can always wear socks or slippers over the carpet, to be comfortable and avoid any possible dirt and grime from outside to meet your new carpet!

For Your Next Flooring Revamp…

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