Were you involved in a pedestrian accident? Are you aware of what a pedestrian accident is, but aren’t sure if you need a lawyer? There may be many reasons why you need a pedestrian accident lawyer, and that includes reaching a settlement when it comes to financial compensation. Here are a few reasons why you may find it in your best interests to hire a pedestrian accident lawyer:

Have I Been In A Pedestrian Accident?

Did you sustain an injury in a pedestrian accident? A pedestrian accident is defined as any form of accident concerning a pedestrian and a moving vehicle, whether it be a car, motorcycle, truck, and even a bicycle. As a pedestrian, if you were involved in an accident where you sustained an injury due to the recklessness or negligence of the other vehicle’s operator, a pedestrian accident lawyer should be one of the first people you call.

Do You Need Help In Proving Fault?

Another reason you may need a pedestrian accident lawyer is you need help proving fault of the driver that caused the accident. When it comes to proving fault in a pedestrian accident case, the key factors involved in successfully proving fault includes proof that:


  • Liable party owed a legal duty to take care of others
  • Liable party violated this duty
  • Due to the duty of care violation by the liable party, you suffered injuries
  • These injuries cost you damages and losses

Having Trouble Reaching A Settlement Agreement?

Reaching a settlement agreement in a pedestrian accident case may be one of the biggest factors on why you should work with a trusted expert pedestrian accident lawyer. Insurance adjusters may reach out and offer a lesser amount than what is fair to you, which is why having a pedestrian accident lawyer on your side can offer a variety of benefits when it comes to seeking the right to compensation. A pedestrian accident lawyer will handle all compensation communications on your behalf, trying to reach a settlement with insurance companies or simply taking your case to court when an agreement can not be reached.

Get Help Navigating Statute Of Limitations And Other Legal Deadlines

If you suffered a pedestrian accident, you may be feeling overwhelmed when it comes to filing a case on time and meeting the appropriate deadlines. You may be recovering from painful injuries and may be unable to dedicate the time needed to your claim. Working with a professional pedestrian accident lawyer ensures your personal injury claim is filed within the statute of limitations and that all other legal deadlines are met within a reasonable timeframe!


If you or a loved one were involved in a pedestrian accident and suffered injuries as a result, sitting down with a personal injury attorney in San Bernardino or personal injury lawyer in Billings, MT ensures you have a legal expert on your side throughout the lawsuit process. Get started on your claim to possibly receive just compensation today!