Month: May 2022

What NOT To Do After Getting New Carpeting

Getting brand-new carpet in your home can be an exciting time! You may be excited to show off your new flooring to family and friends, but always be sure to provide the right maintenance and care to your carpeting. There are just some things you should not do when it comes to new carpeting! Here are a few things to be wary of:

Don’t Assume Your Carpet Will Stay Clean For Awhile

New carpet may seem to be clean and not need the proper cleaning regimen, but this is not the case! Even if you have new carpeting, it is recommended that you continue with the usual cleaning upkeep to ensure dirt and grime is not settled onto the carpet for a long time. Make sure to vacuum your carpet twice a week.

Don’t Place Furniture On New Carpeting Right Away

Right after carpeting is installed, you may already be planning out the layout of the furniture and wanting to bring the vision to life quickly. It is important that carpet is given at least 24 hours to fully glue and fix to the floor. So don’t place that furniture any earlier than this time period, because doing so may actually end up pulling and ruining your carpet!

Don’t Leave This New Carpet At The Mercy Of Your Pet

We may want the whole household to enjoy new carpet, but be cautious of your pets! Make sure to keep an eye out on your furry friends, as accidents do occur. In the case of a urine stain on your new carpet, it is essential you act fast and clean up the stain as soon as possible. Also, make sure to trim your pet’s nails to ensure the carpet material does not get pulled and unraveled.

Don’t Keep Your Shoes On While Walking Over New Carpet

If you’ve just gotten new carpeting, the last thing you want to do is get it dirty right away! Walking with shoes on over new carpet can cause dirt to stick to the carpeting, not to mention staining. If you have guests over or you are hanging out at home, we recommend you take your shoes off when walking over your brand-new carpeting. You can always wear socks or slippers over the carpet, to be comfortable and avoid any possible dirt and grime from outside to meet your new carpet!

For Your Next Flooring Revamp…

Getting brand new carpeting can instantly transform your home and add a layer of comfort and style. If you are looking for a professional Menifee carpet and flooring business that offers a variety of options, Temecula Carpets is the shop to call for a vast selection and friendly experts ready to help your flooring dreams come true! Getting new carpeting can mean having to follow a few rules, but the chance to enjoy new carpeting can make it so worthwhile. Don’t delay, start looking for the carpeting you’ve been dreaming of today!


10 Fascinating HVAC Facts

It’s not just all AC repairs and furnace maintenance when it comes to HVAC systems. There are a variety of interesting HVAC facts that the average person doesn’t know! Here are a few fascinating facts to add to your trivia arsenal. Many will surprise you!

1.  The Origin Of Summer Break

Before HVAC units, the summer season was deemed too hot to allow children to learn, which is what allowed the ‘summer break’ to develop!

2.  The First Modern Air Conditioning Unit

The first modern air conditioning unit was created by Willis Carrier in 1902. Carrier developed the air conditioning unit to keep temperatures and humidity low for a publishing company, because it made their paper a consistent product.

3.  When Air Conditioning Hit The White House

Herbert Hoover was the first US president to install air conditioning in the oval office, spending over $30,00 on AC installation right around the beginning of the Great Depression.

4.  Origin Of The Word “Furnace”

The word furnace actually has Greek origins. “Furnace” comes from “Fornax”, the Greek word for oven.

5.  First Noted Central Heating

The first recorded use of central heating was by the Romans. They developed a heating system which sent hot air from a furnace that was fed with wood into spaces underneath floors and walls.

6.  The Wonders Of Modern Air Conditioning

With the development of modern air conditioning, we have seen many advancements in other branches, such as advances in medical technology, reduction in the spread of diseases, increased employee productivity, and even an increase in the typical human life expectancy!

7.  Cool Off At The Movies

Movie theaters were some of the first businesses to use air conditioning. This was a strategy to get people to go to the movies often, and it worked! Thanks to this, the term “summer blockbuster” emerged.

8.  Homes Weren’t Always Equipped With AC Systems

Until the 1970s, most homes actually didn’t have air conditioning systems. This was due to the expense of systems, but now almost every home has them. Over 90% of homes in the United States have air conditioning!

9.  Air Conditioning Saves Lives

According to experts, the rise in air conditioning accessibility has decreased the risk of dying in excessively hot days by more than 80% in the last 50 years!

10.              Air Conditioning Lowers Your Natural Tolerance To Heat

Ever walk out of a mall and notice the day’s heat is twice as unbearable? This is because air conditioning lowers our natural tolerance to heat, which makes the temperature seem even hotter after we walk out of a nicely air conditioned space.


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Summer Cleaning Tips!

With the summer season rolling around, many of us get the urge to clean out our homes! It may be due to breaks from school or work, more time in the house, or even making room for family visits! Whatever the case may be, here are some tips to make your summer cleaning more efficient (and you can even make money off it, too!).

Take Everything Out Of The Room You’re Decluttering

This may sound crazy, but completely emptying a room can help you declutter much more. This is because filling up the room again will help you see what items just aren’t being used, such as that old phone in your bedside drawer or the earrings you got as a Christmas gift at work.

Donate Items That Can’t Be Sold

When it comes to too old clothes, broken toys, and other miscellaneous objects that have no use for you and can’t be sold, it’s time to donate! By donating, you are getting rid of stuff that has taken up too much of your space, while making room for new items if needed.

Don’t Keep Items Just In Case

Keeping old clothes that don’t fit, old books that haven’t been read, and other items that serve no use to you ‘just in case’ is not a good thing. This can create a lot of clutter in your home and it may feel like you’re being overwhelmed by too much junk! Any items you’ve been keeping ‘just in case’ are better off donated or sold.

Ask Other Household Members About Their Items

Decluttering your home on your own can be satisfying, but the act can pay off even more when your whole household is decluttering, too! Make sure to ask your household about items they should donate or even sell. Getting rid of clutter can be very liberating for many homes!

Sell Items You Don’t Need That Are Still Valuable

Old jewelry, electronics, and other collectibles that are just collecting dust can be enjoyed by someone else when you decide to sell the items. If you’re not looking to become a salesperson yourself, selling your items to a pawn shop can be an excellent way to get rid of items that can still be valuable to someone, while making a bit of cash on the side! You can even use this cash to fund a summer trip for your household!

Sell Items From A Summer Declutter Session To A Pawn Shop!

When summer rolls around, many people end up in a decluttering mood. If you’ve decluttered your home and want to get rid of valuable items, look to an Apple Valley pawn shop or Ontario pawn shop to learn about selling them. By selling your items, you are giving them a new opportunity to be fully enjoyed by someone else, and getting a bit of money as well. Use your pawn shop earnings to treat your family to ice cream, a beach trip, or other fun summer activity!

5 Reasons Water Heater Maintenance Is Essential

Water heaters are underrated heroes when it comes to your plumbing system. Without a properly working water heater, you would not have access to hot water, which is essential for chores like laundry, washing dishes, taking a nice hot shower, and other household routines! Water heater maintenance is something homeowners often forget about, but it can be very important for your water heater. Just how important? Reasons water heater maintenance is essential includes:

1.   Extends Your Water Heater’s Lifespan

Getting regular water heater maintenance can ensure your water heater is up and running as it should for many years to come. With water heater maintenance, your water heater is thoroughly examined for any signs of damage and other services needed. Ignoring water heater maintenance can cause a variety of issues, such as sediment buildup that pushes a water heater to work harder and ultimately can cause it to fail.

2.   Monitors Water Temperature

With water heater maintenance, the water temperature is closely monitored. If there’s something wrong with the water temperature, this can indicate an underlying issue with the unit itself. If the water temperature is erratic, this can mean issues with hot water, as well as possible fluctuating water temperature that can slow down your household routine.

3.    Water Conservation

If your water heater is malfunctioning, you may actually end up wasting water. For example, if your water heater is taking too long to produce hot water, you may be running that shower for a long time waiting for hot water to finally appear. By providing water heater maintenance, you are making sure everything is running smoothly and that no water has to be wasted!

4.   Saves You Money

Water heater maintenance can pick up on any problems as they are developing, which means you won’t have to deal with a bigger repair service in the future that takes a hit at your budget! Water heater maintenance can be essential to ensure all issues and repairs are addressed as soon as possible, even when they are not as big of a problem yet.

5.   Safety

Water heaters contain devices that should be tested on an annual basis, such as temperature and pressure valves. Pressure valves can work to release excess pressure in a water heater, to prevent the heater from rupturing and causing possible flooding. Water heater maintenance ensures these devices are working just right!



Dealing with water heater woes or looking for water heater maintenance to make sure everything is working as it should? Call up a dedicated professional plumber in Apple Valley, plumber in Los Angeles, Whittier plumber, Pasadena plumber, or Fontana plumber to provide water heater maintenance and any repairs you may need without further delay! Water heaters are essential to all households, and if going through regular water heater maintenance ensures this plumbing fixture lasts your home a long time and continues to function well, why would you delay this service? Do your water heater and your home a favor, schedule maintenance now!

Do I Need A Pedestrian Accident Lawyer?

Were you involved in a pedestrian accident? Are you aware of what a pedestrian accident is, but aren’t sure if you need a lawyer? There may be many reasons why you need a pedestrian accident lawyer, and that includes reaching a settlement when it comes to financial compensation. Here are a few reasons why you may find it in your best interests to hire a pedestrian accident lawyer:

Have I Been In A Pedestrian Accident?

Did you sustain an injury in a pedestrian accident? A pedestrian accident is defined as any form of accident concerning a pedestrian and a moving vehicle, whether it be a car, motorcycle, truck, and even a bicycle. As a pedestrian, if you were involved in an accident where you sustained an injury due to the recklessness or negligence of the other vehicle’s operator, a pedestrian accident lawyer should be one of the first people you call.

Do You Need Help In Proving Fault?

Another reason you may need a pedestrian accident lawyer is you need help proving fault of the driver that caused the accident. When it comes to proving fault in a pedestrian accident case, the key factors involved in successfully proving fault includes proof that:


  • Liable party owed a legal duty to take care of others
  • Liable party violated this duty
  • Due to the duty of care violation by the liable party, you suffered injuries
  • These injuries cost you damages and losses

Having Trouble Reaching A Settlement Agreement?

Reaching a settlement agreement in a pedestrian accident case may be one of the biggest factors on why you should work with a trusted expert pedestrian accident lawyer. Insurance adjusters may reach out and offer a lesser amount than what is fair to you, which is why having a pedestrian accident lawyer on your side can offer a variety of benefits when it comes to seeking the right to compensation. A pedestrian accident lawyer will handle all compensation communications on your behalf, trying to reach a settlement with insurance companies or simply taking your case to court when an agreement can not be reached.

Get Help Navigating Statute Of Limitations And Other Legal Deadlines

If you suffered a pedestrian accident, you may be feeling overwhelmed when it comes to filing a case on time and meeting the appropriate deadlines. You may be recovering from painful injuries and may be unable to dedicate the time needed to your claim. Working with a professional pedestrian accident lawyer ensures your personal injury claim is filed within the statute of limitations and that all other legal deadlines are met within a reasonable timeframe!


If you or a loved one were involved in a pedestrian accident and suffered injuries as a result, sitting down with a personal injury attorney in San Bernardino or personal injury lawyer in Billings, MT ensures you have a legal expert on your side throughout the lawsuit process. Get started on your claim to possibly receive just compensation today!

Do I Need To Take My Car To The Dealership I Bought It From For


If your car is finally due for a service, you may be wondering where to take it. For example, if you bought your car from a dealership, is the dealership the only place you can take it to for a service? Is the dealership the place that will know your car the most? If you are wondering this, we’ll explore it below, so you don’t delay on getting your vehicle the appropriate services it needs!

Is The Dealership The Only Place For Services?

Many car owners think that the dealership they bought their car from is the only place that will service it. However, this could not be further from the truth! You could take your vehicle to the dealership you purchased from for services, but these can actually be even pricier than at other auto repair shops.

Dealership Vs. Local Auto Repair Shops

When it comes to dealerships versus local auto repair shops for repair and maintenance services, which one should you pick? Let’s take a look at how each business differs.


Dealership Pros:


  • Dealerships specialize in specific brands of cars, so in the case of a unique emergency when it comes to your vehicle, dealerships can provide specifically trained technicians that handle that certain vehicle type.
  • Dealerships often contain parts for newer vehicles that may be difficult to obtain elsewhere. This can be beneficial when it comes to unique car repairs.


Dealership Cons:


  • A service at a dealership is often pricier
  • Dealerships may have varied customer service


Auto Repair Shop Pros:


  • Services work for varied budgets (aka can be much cheaper than dealership services)
  • Have more personalized services
  • Some auto repair shops honor third party warranties
  • Have high customer satisfaction, quality of work, price, and on-time repairs


Auto Repair Shop Cons


  • May not always have the parts needed for newer vehicles, such as those of the current year
  • May not specialize in a specific brand
  • You may not be aware of the right auto repair shop to work with for your vehicle


In Conclusion…

Dealerships and auto repair shops can offer different experiences when it comes to vehicle services. Dealerships are pricier, but can offer original manufacturing parts for your vehicle if needed. Auto repair shops offer lower pricing, higher customer satisfaction, and a personalized service experience for you. For many vehicle owners, going to a local auto repair shop in their area is often preferred, for the reasons listed above. It can all depend on your make and model of vehicle, along with the services needed! One thing is for sure, a local auto repair shop will give their all when it comes to providing good services!

Need A Local Auto Repair Shop In Highland?

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What NOT To Do During A Divorce

he divorce process can be long and tedious, and emotions may run High. However, there are just some things not recommended you do during the divorce process, to save you from further complications. You may hear some of these tips from a trustworthy lawyer, but just in case, here are some things not to do during a divorce!

1.  Don’t Ignore Your Children

During the divorce process, it is important not to forget about your children. Your divorce may impact them as well, so it is important to spend time with them and know they are still your top priority no matter what.

2.  Don’t Expect To Get Everything

When it comes to divorce, many things are put on the line and it may feel like you are fighting for everything. It is important you ask yourself, do I really need all of this? Pick the most important things that you want (child custody, financial support, etc.) and don’t expect to receive everything. It is important to pick your battles concerning what truly matters the most as you navigate this legal process.

3.  Do Not Act Out Of Anger Or Spite

Many emotions might come to light during the divorce process, but it is important that you do not let emotions overcome your common sense. A moment of anger or righteousness can end up costing you much more than you want Oh, and it is important you focus your energy on the things that matter most, such as your children. Work with a professional divorce lawyer who can help offer moments of clarity if you find yourself getting emotionally overwhelmed.

4.  Don’t Hide Facts From Your Attorney

It’s safe to say that divorce can bring out a lot of dirty laundry for both spouses, but this should never mean you hide any facts from the attorney you are working with. Your divorce attorney is the legal professional dedicated to making sure the divorce process for you is as smooth as possible, while also working in your best interest to see how you can make it out of the divorce with as much wellbeing and ease as possible. Don’t hide anything from your attorney, it will be bound to come out later on anyway.

5.  Don’t Post On Social Media

In a moment of anger, it may seem like a good idea to post about your  soon-to-be ex-spouse on social media, but this is not at all something you should do! Social media is never private and a moment of anger can end up making it to the courtroom and making your divorce process a bit more difficult.

Need A Professional Divorce Lawyer?

The divorce process can be difficult and emotionally taxing. Work with a highly professional divorce lawyer in Carlsbad to make the legal path to divorce a smoother one. You will be connected to a legal expert that has your best interests at heart and will always advise you on next steps to ease worries or stress.

Vacation To-Do List To Keep Your Home Secure

hen you’re about to embark on a vacation, there’s a few things you should check off your to-do list. You may have to pack, make sure you know the itinerary of your flight, and other tasks. There is also the matter of leaving behind your routine and your home. One of the biggest worries for many homeowners about to go away for a while is keeping their home secure while they’re gone. Need tips to keep your home protected, so you can enjoy your vacation? Here are some of the things you can do:

Have A Friend Check In

While you’re away, it doesn’t hurt to have a friend or family member check up on your home every once in a while. They can bring in your mail, leave a light on if needed, and make sure everything is locked and secure. When you have someone checking in on your home, you can relax and unwind during your vacation with complete ease.

Check Doors And Windows

Make sure the locks in your doors are in excellent working condition, and get any repairs done if needed. A professional locksmith can provide much-needed services to leave the locks of your doors ready for use.

Set Indoor And Outdoor Lights On A Timer

You may want to create the illusion that you’re home while you’re away on vacation. To do this, you may want to invest in some smart lights that you can program to go on and off at certain times. If you have someone checking up on your home, you may want to ask them to keep a light or two on when they leave.

Keep Valuables Hidden

A rule of thumb for all homeowners going on vacation is to keep precious valuables hidden far away from the naked eye. Consider acquiring a safe to keep any important papers and items stored away, as well as leaving blinds closed in your bedroom and office to avoid any curious eyes.

Call A Professional Locksmith

Are your locks damaged? Would you like to change out a weakened lock before you go on vacation? Are you in need of an extra key to leave a housesitter? Calling a professional locksmith should be on your to-do list! When you work with a professional locksmith, you can be sure you will get the most valuable solutions for additional protection and security.


When you are going away on vacation, there are a lot of chores you want to get out of the way before you can truly jet away and relax. One of the biggest concerns for many homeowners before going away on vacation is making sure their home is left protected and guarded. One of the ways to make sure your home is taken care of well is calling up a professional Hesperia locksmith or Victorville locksmith to repair and replace any weakened locks that are putting your home’s security at risk, as well as providing key duplicates.