sewer backup can be a cause for great concern when it strikes your household. The most important thing to do after noticing a sewer backup is to get the help of a professional. Are there signs that can tip you off to the fact there is a sewer backup happening in your property? Yes, there are a few! These signs should alert you that something is wrong and you should seek help as soon as possible. Signs of a sewer backup include:

Issues Flushing Your Toilet

If you’ve been trying to flush your toilet for a while and notice that the water is not fully flushing or flowing like normally, this can indicate a sewer line is clogged. After you notice your toilet is not flushing fully, make sure to rule out that this is not a toilet clog, and then you will know it is most likely a sewer backup issue.

Very Bad Odors

A properly working sewer should not be emitting any odors onto your property. If you are getting a whiff of pretty bad odors, such as mold, sulfur, or waste, this can indicate a problem with your sewer. Though bad odors can also signal other problems in your plumbing, bad odors should definitely warrant the attention of a professional.

Multiple Clogs

If it seems like you’re done battling one clog and immediately another one springs forward, this is a telling indicator of a sewage backup problem. If multiple clogs are happening in drains that are located in different rooms, it is more than likely there is a sewer issue going on.

Bubbling or Gurgling Sounds

If you notice bubbling or gurgling sounds coming from your bathtub, faucet, or toilet, the likely reason may be a sewer blockage. These noises may be prominent after flushing the toilet, pouring something down the drain, or simply running water.

Yard Changes

If you notice changes in your yard, such as pools of water, sinkholes, and even areas of your yard that are greener and better-looking than other parts, this can indicate that sewage is backed up and leaking over your yard. Yard changes are one of the biggest indicators of a sewage backup, and it is not something you can ignore. If you spot these differences in your yard, it is highly recommended to call a plumber who will thoroughly diagnose the problem.

Call An Eagle Rock Plumber Today!

If you suspect a sewer backup is going down in your property, it’s best to call a professional plumber as soon as possible to find out the problem and get a solution. For an San Marino Plumber or a plumber in Los Angeles you can trust, call Performance Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning! You should not have to face a sewer backup on your own or delay the proper treatment, as this can result in further damages on your property! By calling an expert to take a look at your plumbing and sewer, you can be confident there will be a solution!