It’s not just all AC repairs and furnace maintenance when it comes to HVAC systems. There are a variety of interesting HVAC facts that the average person doesn’t know! Here are a few fascinating facts to add to your trivia arsenal. Many will surprise you!

1.  The Origin Of Summer Break

Before HVAC units, the summer season was deemed too hot to allow children to learn, which is what allowed the ‘summer break’ to develop!

2.  The First Modern Air Conditioning Unit

The first modern air conditioning unit was created by Willis Carrier in 1902. Carrier developed the air conditioning unit to keep temperatures and humidity low for a publishing company, because it made their paper a consistent product.

3.  When Air Conditioning Hit The White House

Herbert Hoover was the first US president to install air conditioning in the oval office, spending over $30,00 on AC installation right around the beginning of the Great Depression.

4.  Origin Of The Word “Furnace”

The word furnace actually has Greek origins. “Furnace” comes from “Fornax”, the Greek word for oven.

5.  First Noted Central Heating

The first recorded use of central heating was by the Romans. They developed a heating system which sent hot air from a furnace that was fed with wood into spaces underneath floors and walls.

6.  The Wonders Of Modern Air Conditioning

With the development of modern air conditioning, we have seen many advancements in other branches, such as advances in medical technology, reduction in the spread of diseases, increased employee productivity, and even an increase in the typical human life expectancy!

7.  Cool Off At The Movies

Movie theaters were some of the first businesses to use air conditioning. This was a strategy to get people to go to the movies often, and it worked! Thanks to this, the term “summer blockbuster” emerged.

8.  Homes Weren’t Always Equipped With AC Systems

Until the 1970s, most homes actually didn’t have air conditioning systems. This was due to the expense of systems, but now almost every home has them. Over 90% of homes in the United States have air conditioning!

9.  Air Conditioning Saves Lives

According to experts, the rise in air conditioning accessibility has decreased the risk of dying in excessively hot days by more than 80% in the last 50 years!

10.              Air Conditioning Lowers Your Natural Tolerance To Heat

Ever walk out of a mall and notice the day’s heat is twice as unbearable? This is because air conditioning lowers our natural tolerance to heat, which makes the temperature seem even hotter after we walk out of a nicely air conditioned space.


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